The SH96 is a 3-way loudspeaker design housing 4 x 15" LF drivers, 6 x 4" MF drivers and 1 x 1.4" exit HF compression driver, all mounted within a 45” x 25” horn. Thoughtfully placed drivers within the horn, in unison with a synergy crossover network, allow for proper phase alignment between frequency bands. This permits the physically separated bands to combine and emerge from the horn in synchrony, greatly reducing off axis distortions in frequency response, allowing for high amounts of clarity at great distances. Furthermore, out of band harmonic distortion is limited with the use of acoustic high pass filters. 

Install and touring versions of the SH96HO’s are equipped with eighteen 3/8” rig points; however, touring models also include built on casters and six handles for easy movement. 


The SH96 is a passive box, the SH96HO allows bi amp and passive configurations. 

Danley SH96

  • Product is made to order and requires roughly 3 weeks to ship.




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